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September 28, 2017
Mile 2541.3 to 2566.1
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 146

3 miles out of Stehekin. Talked to Element and Patience more today. Nice enough, but curious what their story is. They look too clean to be thru-hikers.

Alex and I played trivia while walking and it helped so much to pass the time! Sometimes I didn’t know the answer to the trivia question I asked and man, did that ever piss Alex off. The trick to trail trivia is finding the right level of difficulty so your partner can’t get the answer right away, but if they think about it they’ll figure it out. Finding the ‘I know I know this I just can’t think of it’ questions.

No sign of the boys but we should see them on the first morning bus to Stehekin tomorrow if they stick to their original plan.

Almost lost the tent on lunch break, Alex had to climb/rock scramble down the mountain to get it. When he got to it he tried to throw it back up to trail instead of carrying it, of course it didn't make it and rolled even further down the mountain. Luckily he could still reach it and walked it back up the second time.

The only other NOBOs we saw today are Patience, Element, and Zorro. But Zorro mentioned Boo, so I think Boo might be close behind. I'm still hopeful we'll run into Benny and Chill, too.

Another sunny, crisp, beautiful fall day.

Taking in Glacier Peak one last time before leaving its wilderness

Taking in Glacier Peak one last time before leaving its wilderness

Stehekin, Or, Worry Worry Worry Worry Worry

Good Views and Bad Vibes in Glacier Peaks Wilderness