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I’m a human being, practicing getting there by human doing. Attempting 10 thru-hikes by the time I’m 40, and offering a candid look into what it’s like to live on trail.

Put Your Navigation Hat On

August 29, 2017
Bend to Terrebonne (~Mile 2003 on trail)
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 116


97F is the forecasted high for today. So far, we have been to Sparrow bakery for ocean rolls, mailed 2 lbs. of stuff home from UPS, stopped at a nursery for native plants, and are now sitting by the canal, 12 miles out of Redmond. So. Fucking. Hot. Just keep drinking water and trudging on. We’re supposed to start walking on the highway proper now, and I’m pretty sure we’re all going to quit after about 5 miles of this shit.


We are camping 25 minutes (walking) outside of Terrebonne next to the road in a divot, which we later found out not, in fact, hidden from the road but rather right next to it. The road bends, and the secret camping spot we chose happens to be right in the middle of that bend.

We stopped at the Vault in Redmond after laying on beautiful grass in a park. The vault had pFriem pilsner that hit the spot for celebrating mile 2,000. We have seen so many animals today! WE even had an alpaca yelling at us, chickens tried to run alongside. It definitely improved a lot as we got further outside of Bend. I found routes using Google walking and biking directions that kept us off the highway and in much, much better spirits. It required constant recalibration, but totally worth it.

Tomorrow I am confident we’ll make it to Madras, though its getting harder and harder to keep us off the highway. I know in Warm Springs we’ll basically have 35 miles of straight interstate. Yikes. But we’re scheming to hitch if we get tired. Scheming to figure it out.

Did I mention we hit 2,000 miles today? I haven’t told the others, but it looks like we are at less than 100 miles of road walk left. Doin it. Doin doin doin it.

Encouraging yard signs on the way out of Bend

Encouraging yard signs on the way out of Bend

The garden we stopped at where Sam asked if anyone is farming huckleberries

Sam playing with trash he found on the side of the road

Alpaca friend who ran alongside us while we hiked ‘his’ section of road.

Smokey told me I’m the only one who can prevent wildfires

At least the fire danger level is accurate, since the entire state is on fire.

Sam found the last operating Blockbuster video on the planet

Beer in Redmond to celebrate 2,000 miles

Road Walking Across Oregon

Back in Bend