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I’m a human being, practicing getting there by human doing. Attempting 10 thru-hikes by the time I’m 40, and offering a candid look into what it’s like to live on trail.

September 17, 2017
Carbonado to Enumclaw
Enumclaw to Henry's Parents' House
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 135

The rain starts today, and lasts as far out as the forecast goes. We have a plan for waiting out this afternoon. Then we have no plan.

Early Afternoon

Sitting at the Mint bar in Enumclaw drinking a bloody mary with the other three. Vice and Boathouse are glued to the TV because there's a dogs game on TV (GO DAWGS). Everything here is deep fried. The rain is impending and the clouds do not look great, but on the up and up we are only 49 miles from Snoqualmie Pass. I still need to do some intel to figure out how we'll get there, but it looks like I should be able to cut off some highway with navigational magic. Looking for more Rails to Trails routes like the one that brought us here from Carbonado.


Hung out at Mint for the duration of the game, then ran across the street through a torrential downpour to the Rainier. Ordered food and discussed the nonexistence of a game plan for where to sleep. Met a couple, Don and Terri Ann, who are the parents of the Sasquatch artist Henry. They invited we four sopping wet, dirty, smelly, plan-less, trail-less hikers into their home. How serendipitous that the downpour stopped just long enough for us to walk to their house. They gave us cots and couches to sleep on, talked to us for an hour or so about life, and we got a great nights sleep!

Things to Remember from Today

  • Two servers/bartenders at the Rainier, both from Minnesota!

  • I exchanged one of Al’s beers at the Rainier. It wasn’t poured incorrectly or served warm, it was just a really bad beer.

  • Some guy offered us $50. For…being hikers? I never know when this happens if it’s because the person thinks we’re vagrants, or if they know we’re PCT hikers.

  • A kid at the state park, doing tricks on the skateboard ramp, stopped and told us that what we’re doing is awesome. He couldn’t have been older than ten.

Vice and Boathouse exploring the Little Free Library at the Wilkeson Post Office

Vice and Boathouse exploring the Little Free Library at the Wilkeson Post Office

The 'Shed

Rails to Trails to the Rescue