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Luck be a CCC Shelter

September 30, 2017
Stehekin to Mile 2574.3 (Bridge Creek)
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 149


The weather is beautiful today in Stehekin, and the forecast has improved: sunny on MONDAY!! We want to stay the night here again but there's no room at the inn, so we need to either wait to hear from Boo (who might have a friend with a cabin reserved) or see if someone on the ferry doesn't show up. There's two weddings here tonight so we're not very hopeful, but once the ferry comes in(and by the time the 2pm shuttle will leave) we should know our fate.


Due to the weddings we couldn't find anywhere indoors to stay in Stehekin. Maybe it's for the better. We caught the 2pm shuttle to High Bridge and hiked out to Bridge Creek (5 miles). The rain started a mile before we got to camp. Cold, wet. Camp has a lot of great pine and cedar trees that had kept the ground mostly dry, so we picked a spot next to a big cedar tree and set up the tent. Then I saw a house structure in the distance and went to investigate.

The house was locked, but on the way I found a map of this place, the Bridge Creek camp. The map had a 'CCC Shelter' on it, and a picture that made it look like a 3-walled structure. I found it in real life, checked with Al, and it has enough room to set up our tent inside! Plus a picnic table, a creek for water, and a bear box nearrby. So, instead of soaking our gear and freezing to death, we're in a 3-walled structure in a dry tent. I'm still nervous about mice, but I think we made the right (and safe) decision to sleep under here. It's frigging pouring out right now and I would feel very uneasy with everything soaked to the bone.

I really hope Sam, Vice, and Boathouse get to the end safely. If it's pouring here, I can't imagine what the weather is like 4,000 or 5,000 feet up in elevation. I just hope they're okay, and safe, and making wise choices.

Sunny in Stehekin, dark clouds and rain falling 10 miles off near the trailhead.

Sunny in Stehekin, dark clouds and rain falling 10 miles off near the trailhead.

Rainy Pass

Stehekin, Or, Worry Worry Worry Worry Worry